Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Me Project

I have a question for you...Is there a way to create without clutter? This is of course a rhetorical question and you are under no obligation to try and answer, for I am a lost cause when it comes to clutter. I always have at least three or four projects going which all use different supplies, all in different locations around the house...drives my poor husband batty at times.
Over the long weekend I decided to do a "me" project. I have been working so hard and long on projects for the opening of my Etsy shop, getting ready for Shepherd's Harvest, the Farmer's market, church's "Ladies of Faith" projects...I couldn't remember the last project I did just for the pure enjoyment of creating.
A while back my local scrapbooking shop closed its doors...sad face here...and was having a close out sale. One of my purchases were four large wooden letters. They measured about ten inches in height and I purchased a "K", "P", "V", and and"S"(for Kathy and Preston Van Schepen). In my home growing up my mother had fashioned a wall grouping in our living room of two pictures my father had taken in Oregon and in the grouping she put two large brass letters, "V" and "J" for Vern Johnson. My idea was to emulate this grouping in my master bedroom that I have been redecorating. I had also purchased great paper to cover the letters with in the colors I knew I wanted in my bedroom, Robin's Egg Blue and Brown (Beige, Tan, whatever). The paper had these colors plus a color I would not have thought to include...a kind of limey green.
Shortly after this purchase I did distress the wood of the letters and added the purchased paper but I had not even looked at them since and it was closing on a year! So on Sunday I dug them out and proceeded to embellish them....let's see I would need some co-ordinating paper and stamp pads, and some form of lettering (pull out all my alphabet stickers, tiles, dominoes, old typewriter keys, scrabble letters, stamp pads, etc.). I think some paint would help (acrylics, oils, watercolor pencils, etc.) and I want to use that putty paint stuff ( need stencils, putty knife, cleaning pads, etc). Now lets see...some ribbon, staples, crystal glaze, buttons, mica dust, old lace, acrylic beads...and on, and on... before you know it there wasn't much room left on the table. Now I know what you think..why doesn't she put things away once she has used them? I thought of that, really I did! But I was only on the letter "K" and had three more to go! what if I needed it later? hmmm...save myself some steps and just leave it out...I swear by the time I was finished I had everything on the table and nothing left on the storage shelves.

Shhhhhh! It's all still there waiting to be put away, but don't tell anyone! Now...on to the next project!


  1. lol. funny. I clean up after every project I finish, but while I'm on that project, like you, my shelves seem to be empty!

    These letters are wicked cool!

    ps. thanks for the comment :)

  2. Looks like a fun project and turned out great . I can relate to the clutter issue . I would recommend watching the new show on A&E called "hoarders"....It hasn't encouraged me to throw out my crafting stash yet, but has me more motivated to organize it better...(very hard for me).