Monday, June 22, 2009

The Farmer's Market

My Thursdays are spent in preparation and working at the Monitcello Farmer's Market. My friend and mentor, Brenda and I were looking for a venue for our "stuff". Both of our families are feeling the pinch of these economic times and we didn't have a lot of up front money to put towards the ever increasing cost of vendor's fees at local craft shows. This felt like the ideal solution. The fee was VERY reasonable considering we would be able to show our wares weekly from mid May to mid October was fantastic!

I attended an informational meeting in April, but I still did not know what to expect on opening day. What I found was community. The camaraderie of my fellow vendors as we get to know them, they are all fun and very helpful, amazing! I suppose we a micro community of sorts. There are produce and flower growers, photographers, bakers, artisans (inlcuding me), musicians, authors, and more. We all rush to set up so we can wander and visit the neighboring stalls and catch up on what our week was like.

I look forward to every Thursday because I love to people watch (reason I am state fair lover). The customers are all wonderful. I look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. The market brings back the small town feeling of community that is so lacking in many communities today. We all take time to smile and say hello, get to know one another, make our community personal again.

My daughter Paige has been joining us since school let out. Her first week was Kids Week at the market so she took the oppurtunity to make some extra money (always needed by a teen) by doing face painting for the children. I think she was surprised how much she enjoyed herself. She has taken to come and help out every week to break up the some of the monotony of mid summer when you live out of town. This is a social event for her as well seeing as we live a bit out of town. I think she comes to check out the locals if you get my drift...

Below are just pics of a typical market day I hope you enjoy. I hope you have some fun this summer by visiting your local farmer's market! And please come and visit my etsy shop at Kathy

The fantastic looking produce came from Greenbush Farms LLC in Milaca Minnesota...the farm of Chuck and Joe Long. You can reach them at


  1. Kathy,
    I love your comments about the market!! Thank you for sharing your experiences! I will try to figure out how to link this to our facebook sight! It's so great to get a vendor's positive perspective! Thanks again!

  2. Thanks Sara! I will look for you on facebook!