Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What was lost is now found

Do you ever start a project and then get side tracked? I often suffer from this malady! But this one was a doozie! I started to redecorate my master bedroom last spring and before the paint had dried I was off and on to something else. Now in my defense I must say this was just as I was starting up my home based business. There was an Etsy shop to start, the farmer's market every week, product to create....to make a long story short...everything but the large furniture moved into the dining room, and all the furniture was pushed together in the center of the room. And there it remained. Forever. Lost in the jungle of the dining room was the cord to recharge my digital camera battery.
All summer, fall and into the winter I used my husband's camera to shoot photo's of my creations. My closet had turned into a mini photo studio and I must admit it worked great! I placed a lamp that directs the light up to the ceiling in the closet with a small table. I had a bin in the closet that I used to store props, tripods and back drops. My computer desk sits right next to the closet so it was so easy to take the shots, upload the pics, and upload to Etsy. It was perfect!
Thanksgiving came and went, still my room was an organized but incomplete project. With Christmas looming I started to panic...shows to do, sales to take care of, product to ship, cooking, shopping, cleaning, baking, yeow!!!! I finally said "ENOUGH!" I needed my dining room back for actually eating in so the sleeves were rolled up and off I went. Again.
The room is done, the cord is found. I can finally use my own camera to shoot product pictures with, the only trouble is...my closet is now filled with clothes and I have no where to shoot! Looks like I will have to start another project...mini studio?

(Below are some pics I found on my camera that are two years old from my last trip down to Arizona to attend the Tucson gem and bead show)

A trip up to Tortilla Flats

Arizona_2008 008  Arizona_2008 028 Arizona_2008 019

Volunteering at a horse rescue facility with my daughter Paige

Arizona_2008 060  Arizona_2008 064


Arizona_2008 090 Arizona_2008 077

National Hoop Dance Competition

Arizona_2008 233    Arizona_2008 173 Arizona_2008 110

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